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School Dinners

Since September 2023 our catering has be taken completely in house, run by the school, for the school as a not for profit enterprise. Our current cook, the fantastic Mrs Hanna continues to run our school kitchen.

This has enabled us to keep the price for individual school meals at £2.60. You can view these below. 

School dinners are available at £2.60 per meal, to be payable online through ParentMail. Please note that this does not affect universal school meals for children in Reception, Years 1 and 2. 

Menus and Information from September 2024

These are the current menus that we are using. 

Allergen Information for the new menus will be added soon. 


Additional Information

Packed Lunches may be brought in but we have no catering equipment that may be used with them so please provide everything your child needs to eat their meal.

A cup or a straw for drinks please, as we do not consider drinking from cans, bottles or flasks good table manners. Please do not include sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks. The meal must be in a named box, preferably unbreakable with a secure lid especially for drinks.

Please remember the boxes cannot be stored in cold conditions and some foods may be at risk by the time they are eaten.  Also, hot drinks and soups should not be brought in. Thermos flasks and hot liquids are dangerous.  All waste is left in the box so you can see what your child has eaten.

Home Lunches. Children who go home for lunch should be collected by an adult and should not return to school before 12.50. If your child does not normally go home and you wish them to do so on a particular day please send in a written request.

Snacks.  All KS1 pupils have free pieces of fruit each morning break as part of the National School Fruit Scheme. Foundation Stage children also have milk.

KS2 pupils may bring a snack for morning break. We would recommend a piece of fruit or a drink, but no sweets please.  Toast (25p) can be bought from our school kitchen at a price of £1.25 per week. This is payable and ordered in advance via ParentMail. 

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