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Collective Worship


Worship is a little different this year as we are working under COVID-19 restrictions. This means that we can't all go to the hall for Worship. 

Here you can read our Collective Worship Policy. We have a value of the year for 2020-21 which is Hope. This will be our focus for this year - Hope that things will improve and that God will keep us safe.  

The song below is our theme tune for the year. 


Worship Timetable

Worship is planned on a termly basis and follows a timetable. This may be subject to change due to specific circumstances.

Monday - Values Tuesday -  Prayer Spaces Wednesday Thursday - No Outsiders Friday - Celebration

This worship is led by Mr Wallace on a Zoom meeting. We are looking at themes, values and characters from the Bible. We listen to songs, say prayers and always have something to take away.  

This worship is led by Miss Walker. Currently she is leading a weekly worship on The Biggest Story and the key concepts within it. 


This can be led by Canon Steve or Open the Book via a video link, or it might just be a time of listening to and reflecting on some worship songs.  

Led by Mr Wallace on a video link. This is a No Outsiders themed worship and is all about celebrating diversity and accepting difference. Everything links back to the message from the story of the Good Samaritan. We sing our No Outsiders song and say our No Outsiders prayer. 

Led by Mr Wallace or Mrs Craven

This worship celebrates the amazing work and values that our children display throughout the week. We invite parents to take part in this worship. 

We now use a Padlet to collate our Collective Worship sessions. Click the links in the following table to have a look and to read what some of the children think about worship in our school.

September 2020 31.08.20 07.09.20 14.09.20 21.09.20 28.09.20
October 2020 05.10.20 12.10.20 19.10.20    
November 2020 02.11.20 09.11.20 16.11.20 23.11.20 30.11.20
December 2020 07.12.20 14.12.20      
January 2021 04.01.21 11.01.21 18.01.21 25.01.21  
February 2021          
March 2021          
April 2021          
May 2021          
June 2021          
July 2021          

We start worship with a greeting followed by our school prayer and the lighting of a candle. This is led by one of the children.

Our School Prayer

Today is a new day

I am in your hands Lord,

Be with in in all I do, in all I think, in all I say

I ask these things in Jesus Christ's name,


We end worship with the following dismissal. 

Go in the light and peace of Christ.

Thanks be to God.

We exit worship to the same music that we entered to. 

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